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Through The Darkest Valley, You Are With Me

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How God Shepherded Me Through Trials
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Blogging Through The Bible … 1 John 3

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Today we explore 1 John Three in my Blogging Through The Bible Walking With The Light Series. Continue reading “Blogging Through The Bible … 1 John 3”

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Blogging Through The Bible …. Philippians 4


Hey, we’ve made it to the last chapter of this book!  This is part of a four chapter series that I have joined with other woman to Blog Through The Bible. Continue reading “Blogging Through The Bible …. Philippians 4”

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Blogging Through The Bible: Philippians 1


New Series! Blogging Through The Bible

I have decided to team up with several ladies to do Blogging Through The Bible Series. You can catch up on our posts weekly at The Speckled Goat .

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I’m Going To Be a Quinquagenarian

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Next month I will realize a once in a lifetime achievement that most people experience and don’t even know it.  I will become a Quinquagenarian. Continue reading “I’m Going To Be a Quinquagenarian”

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Before You Leave That Tract As Tip

You just had a fabulous meal at a local restaurant.     The waitress did a fabulous job and you were very happy with your service.  It is time to leave and you reach in your wallet for a tip and your fingers land on that pack of Bible Tracts that Pastor Bob asked you to hand out.  “Wouldn’t is be more important if I leave a tract as the tip?”


Answer?  No, it would not.   Continue reading “Before You Leave That Tract As Tip”
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Hope Renewed … 22 Songs to add to Your Playlist when you need Hope


I had mentioned Spiritual Pathways before and mine is music.  Lately, as I have been dealing with depression, I have been using this pathway to have God lead me back to His fellowship.  Music has always been important to me.  In fact,  I had done a series for awhile called “Serenade The Son“.  I want to share my Playlist of Hope with my readers.

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