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The Day I Turned Fifty

An Ode To Aging

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Write From My Heart

Sand In The Hourglass

     Diana rolled over on the air mattress and rubbed her back.  Well, this was the last night.  Tomorrow night she would be in her own bed….. but she wouldn’t be here.  Diane suddenly sat up at the realization.  She had stayed in their house until it sold while her husband had gone ahead and moved to Colorado where he had acquired a new job. Their condo waited her arrival.  Tomorrow morning… Diane glanced at her watch.  This morning!  This morning her husband would come and help load his truck with the last of their things and then they would drive the six hours to their new home.   Continue reading “Sand In The Hourglass”


Surviving The Sandwich Generation

In the past few years a couple of our friends have had parents that have either passed or went into a nursing home.  Once my husband and I just looked at each other after hearing about a passing.  “I guess we’re getting to that age where we will have to deal with this,” my husband said. Continue reading “Surviving The Sandwich Generation”


How is Getting Older Like a Roll Of Toilet Paper?

When I was a kid it always seemed like forever till vacation. Now it seems like my twenty-three year old was just born yesterday….. Thinking about that begs an answer to the question in my header,

“How is getting older like a roll of toilet paper?”

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