52 Weeks Of Gratitude … Why I Love the Holidays

15985554795_22ccaf868e_cMy actual subject was supposed to be my favorite holiday.  When I was a kid, that was easy.  Every kid loves Christmas, but, as I grow older, I have learned to appreciate them all.  Here is why…. Continue reading “52 Weeks Of Gratitude … Why I Love the Holidays”

Serenade The Son Sunday

Serenade The Son Sunday … I’ve Just Seen Jesus


One of my favorite Easter Songs! Continue reading “Serenade The Son Sunday … I’ve Just Seen Jesus”


Easter Basket Fun

15052498166_46e61412ae   With Easter quickly approaching, I thought I would share what I did with my children.  For one, I did not always like the idea that the basket be filled with just candy.  I also liked to personalize my baskets according to their ages and preferences.  I would often scour stores, especially Dollar Stores for small, inexpensive gifts/trinkets for their baskets.  Granted, they still got candy, but not entirely candy.  I will include a gift idea list later.  My mother-in-law also gave them candy, lots of it, so I felt they did not need a whole lot more.  She would hide the candy throughout the yard and often it was hard to find everything.  For my baskets for my kids I would hide the entire basket with clues leading them to the next clue and finally the basket.  I individualized each clue according to age or skill and each child had their own set of clues to follow.  Google will become your friend!     Continue reading “Easter Basket Fun”