Recipe Wednesday

Gimme’ S’more Snack Mix

I recently got a hankering for a S’more but it was too cold for a fire outside.  What’s a girl to do?  Then I thought, “This would make a great snack mix!” Continue reading “Gimme’ S’more Snack Mix”

Pinterest Tuesday

Pinterest Tuesday: Chocolate Peanut Butter Party Mix

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pparty Mix     One of the things my college daughter asks me is my party mix recipe.  I have tweeked that recipe several times and then came up with an idea for this recipe.  My family loves it and, when I let my mom try it, I told her I have a Tupperware container with some for our family mountain trip. She replied, “That won’t be near enough!”  One thing that has always been important was that my creations be visually stimulating in addition to texture.  I like to experiment with various shapes and flavors.  I do usually do a small pretzel but forgot that here…. Continue reading “Pinterest Tuesday: Chocolate Peanut Butter Party Mix”