Hope Renewed … 22 Songs to add to Your Playlist when you need Hope

I had mentioned Spiritual Pathways before and mine is music.  Lately, as I have been dealing with depression, I have been using this pathway to have God lead me back to His fellowship.  Music has always been important to me.  In fact,  I had done a series for awhile called “Serenade The Son“.  I want to share my Playlist of Hope with my readers.

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661374   When I was a child and teenager, I spent most of my time inside my head.  I lived in a dreamworld where reality was distorted but safe.  I read a lot of books as a teen, mostly romance which added to my delusive view of life.  I was a sucker for fairy tales.  Because of my low esteem and negative view of myself, I would imagine myself beautiful and my prince finding me beguiling.   My dreams consisted of my true love scaling mountains and fighting dragons for me.  The visions in my head kept me going and I was a sucker for any romantic movie.  It led to inaccurate expectations of love and any future “prince” in my life.   Continue reading