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Through The Darkest Valley, You Are With Me

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How God Shepherded Me Through Trials
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Visiting The US Capitol, Washington D.C.


     This weekend our family took a short trip to Washington D.C.  It was a weekend full of new experiences, a few frustrations and a lot of fun.

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30 Days Of Me!, Personally Me

30 Days Of Me …. 15 Fun Facts!

Due to personal issues, I have neglected my writing, so I decided to try and kick-start it by doing a Writing Challenge.  This one is more personal about me and they say write what you know, so hey! I found this through Pinterest at  http://livingoffloveandcoffee.com.  I will also post the challenge on the Sidebar.

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10 Things You Should Be Practicing Right Now To Keep Your Family Safe In A Fire

It is the middle of the night and your smoke detector is chirping away.  You awaken to the smell of smoke.  What do you do?  How can you protect your family? Continue reading “10 Things You Should Be Practicing Right Now To Keep Your Family Safe In A Fire”


A Holiday Tradition: Cookie Baking



One tradition we have maintained since before my children were born was making Christmas Cookies the day before Thanksgiving.  My children usually have off school and so it becomes a fun day to spend together.   Continue reading “A Holiday Tradition: Cookie Baking”