Visiting The US Capitol, Washington D.C.


     This weekend our family took a short trip to Washington D.C.  It was a weekend full of new experiences, a few frustrations and a lot of fun.

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30 Days Of Me …. 15 Fun Facts!

Due to personal issues, I have neglected my writing, so I decided to try and kick-start it by doing a Writing Challenge.  This one is more personal about me and they say write what you know, so hey! I found this through Pinterest at  I will also post the challenge on the Sidebar.

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Hymns For Him Down Memory Lane

images (3)     My mom’s family loved to sing together.  Some of my best memories were of all of us around the organ that my grandmother played.  We sang a lot of Southern Gospel and a lot of Christmas Carols as well.  Who could help but love music growing up in our family?  My grandfather was still singing even as his body was failing him.  I am sure he and my grandma are having a good old time in heaven singing for Him.   Continue reading