52 Weeks Of Gratitude…. Favorite Leisure Activities



This week was more fun…. well, maybe for me.  My thirteen year old, who I volunteered to be a photographer, wasn’t overly thrilled about her new “opportunity”.    I am grateful for my favorite leisure activities. Continue reading


5 Ways To Save Money By Taking Your Kids Portraits Yourself

CantaffordSchool pictures have gotten ridiculously expensive and you don’t get much for what you pay for.  So what is a mom on a small budget to do?


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How To Look Like A Great Photographer…..Even If You Aren’t

3031072     I recently ran into a friend of mine who fussed at how well I could take pictures.  She loved my finch picture and asked what type of camera I had. I had to think about that a minute.  I knew it was a Canon but didn’t really pay attention to the type of camera.  It wasn’t the most fancy but nor was it the $50ProbablyWon’tLastAYear camera either.  My husband had given it to me this past Christmas and I am still learning what it can do.
But, when it comes to getting a great shot, I must confess – I got a little secret that does not make my pictures seem so magical once you know what it is.  It will make a simple point and shoot camera look like a professional.

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