15 Scriptures to Pray When Depression Drains You Of Your Words


Depression can be very draining.  Often the words just aren’t there as you try to navigate the dark cavern in your mind.   Continue reading


Serenade The Son Sunday….. You Are My Hiding Place


Recently one of my daughter’s friends came over.
As soon as my cat saw her, he went into hiding.
We searched the entire house and could not find him.
When the friend left, he reappeared
and the mystery of his hiding place was still a mystery.
Yesterday, my daughter happened to see him make use of his hiding place.
The rascal had somehow either found or made a hole
in the bottom of my box-spring and crawled inside.

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I Told My Husband I Want To Go To The War Room For Our Anniversary

No, I do not mean divorce court!  “The War Room” is  a movie coming out and I am excited to see it.  The Kendrick Brothers, the award-winning creators of Fireproof and Courageous, are bringing a powerful new film that will inspire moviegoers to start fighting their battles the right way—through prayer.

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