When Your Doctor Won’t Listen

Trust your instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Bring the Rain!

    When they first found my tumor during an ultrasound they were pretty sure it was benign, even though I had a feeling that it was more than that.  However, after my surgery, when I went in for my post-operation visit with my gyn-oncologist, she informed me it was more than that and was referring me to the gyn-oncologist who assisted her during the surgery.  Even though I expected it, the news stunned me and I walked out to our car not wanting to believe it.  Norm turned on the car radio and this song came on.  As soon as I heard it, I burst into tears. Continue reading

My Tale Of Teal

9_1     My Tale of Teal starts somewhere in the vicinity of 2005-2006.  I would visit my general practitioner several times complaining of various little issues such as IBS type symptoms.  His reaction?  Fiber pills.  After awhile I noticed my symptoms would worsen over PMS but I basically got made to feel it was all in my head.  When I brought up a question about it I got, “Where did you read that?!”  My symptoms were never checked out.  No tests.  Nothing.  In June of 2008 I started experiencing numbness and restless legs.    I saw another practitioner at the practice who prescribed exercises to  strengthen my back. Continue reading


     In the early morning of Saturday, October 30, 2004. Laurie Edwards watched her daughter, ten-year-old Erin, lay in a hospice bed in her home fighting for air. Erin only had one request, “Just read the Scriptures!” From 1:00 a.m. till 5:00 a.m., her family took turns reading God’s Word over a child who had fought cancer for more than three years.  Though fear threatened to overtake Laurie, she steadfastly trusted her Father along with praying for a miracle. Continue reading

“It’s All in Your Head!”

 Around 2006-2007 I started to notice digestive issues.  When I would complain to my family doctor, he usually brushed it under the rug or even suggested I use fiber pills.  It did not get better – only worse but he would never check it out.  When I noticed that it was worse during PMS and mentioned it to him, he pretty much told me it was all in my head. Not once in all those years did he order any tests or even physically check me out.

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661374   When I was a child and teenager, I spent most of my time inside my head.  I lived in a dreamworld where reality was distorted but safe.  I read a lot of books as a teen, mostly romance which added to my delusive view of life.  I was a sucker for fairy tales.  Because of my low esteem and negative view of myself, I would imagine myself beautiful and my prince finding me beguiling.   My dreams consisted of my true love scaling mountains and fighting dragons for me.  The visions in my head kept me going and I was a sucker for any romantic movie.  It led to inaccurate expectations of love and any future “prince” in my life.   Continue reading