Confessions Of a Lancaster County Yankee

There are many misconceptions about people who come from Lancaster County.  I’m here to set a few facts straight. Continue reading “Confessions Of a Lancaster County Yankee”


Surviving The Sandwich Generation

In the past few years a couple of our friends have had parents that have either passed or went into a nursing home.  Once my husband and I just looked at each other after hearing about a passing.  “I guess we’re getting to that age where we will have to deal with this,” my husband said. Continue reading “Surviving The Sandwich Generation”


Spinal Taps: The Ins & Outs and What I Wish I Had Done Differently

28073111442_2970a7072b_bThe first thing that struck me when I saw this photo was, “Wow!  The spine sure does resemble a rather scary-looking roller coaster ride!”


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How is Getting Older Like a Roll Of Toilet Paper?

When I was a kid it always seemed like forever till vacation. Now it seems like my twenty-three year old was just born yesterday….. Thinking about that begs an answer to the question in my header,

“How is getting older like a roll of toilet paper?”

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