Writing Wednesday … In The Shadows

2016-bloggers-unite-badgeThis is Infertility Awareness Week and Part of the Bloggers Unite Challenge from  #NIAW is to #StartAsking.  Ask why there is so little awareness?  Why don’t my friends understand?  What can I do to help my friends understand??  #StartAsking !


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4244443   I am older now and this is no longer an issue.  Cancer removed any possibility of ever having any more children, but it was an issue at one point.  When we were trying for our fist, it took a year and a half.  Our second took at least two and that was after severe depression.  Our third arrived four years later and was a complete surprise.  We had not been trying to get pregnant nor were we preventing it.  When she was three months old, I got pregnant again.  Unfortunately it was a tubal pregnancy and I lost it.  To put my feelings into words, I wrote a little something that demonstrated a little of the pain I was experiencing. Continue reading