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The Pretenders

How often are you prompted to “Put On A Happy Face” to hide an ugly truth from the world?

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Write From My Heart

Sand In The Hourglass

     Diana rolled over on the air mattress and rubbed her back.  Well, this was the last night.  Tomorrow night she would be in her own bed….. but she wouldn’t be here.  Diane suddenly sat up at the realization.  She had stayed in their house until it sold while her husband had gone ahead and moved to Colorado where he had acquired a new job. Their condo waited her arrival.  Tomorrow morning… Diane glanced at her watch.  This morning!  This morning her husband would come and help load his truck with the last of their things and then they would drive the six hours to their new home.   Continue reading “Sand In The Hourglass”

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Writing Wednesday: From Yesterday To Tomorrow


A chill overtook Natalie and she felt her skin crawling before she heard a step behind her.  She stood and turned.  She stared at him holding her favorite teddy bear in one hand and his pistol in the other.  “Hi, dad,” she whispered. Continue reading “Writing Wednesday: From Yesterday To Tomorrow”

Wednesday Writing Prompt

Rancho Dios Provee

     Jade spent the last day of her week-long stay-cation at her favorite spot in a secluded beach area of the Marina Dunes Preserve.  It was just a hop, skip and a jump from her house in the nearby trailer park.  As the sun started to slide beyond the horizon, she sighed wishing she didn’t have to return to the real world and her job on Monday.   Continue reading “Rancho Dios Provee”

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Wednesday Writing Prompts….. Tattoo Of My Heart

63b71bbb485ffe5e1b37098a498b7274     With eager anticipation I jumped from my bed and ran to a mirror to tear off my shirt for a full view of my chest.  There it was.  The tattoo.  THE Tattoo.   Continue reading “Wednesday Writing Prompts….. Tattoo Of My Heart”