Psst. Debbie Likes You!

     Charles stared at the note that had been carefully placed in his cubicle desk while he was at lunch.  “Psst. Debbie likes you.”  Dryer Sheet Debbie?  She had shown up once with a dryer sheet clinging to her derriere and the name secretly stuck.  If not for that, no one would even know her name.    Charles peered over his cubicle and surveyed the room. Everyone was studiously working at their computers.  No one even glanced his way.  Dryer Sheet Debbie was the mail girl who showed up on his floor every day precisely at  9:00, 1:00 and 4:00.  Not that he had noticed her.  That was when their inner office mail was scheduled to arrive on their floor.  Truth be told, he rarely noticed who brought the mail.When the elevator door opened at 4, he pretended busyness, but watched her from the corner of his eye.  She delivered the mail, same as always, without a side-wise glance at him and stepped on the elevator when she was through with his floor.  No, he decided.  This had to be a prank. She could not possibly like him and, even if she did, he had no interest.
The next morning he started his work as always and was absorbed in it when the smell of roses permeated his senses. He looked up as she passed by his area pushing her cart.  Why did he never notice her perfume before? ……And why did he notice it now?  He stood to peer over his cubicle walls.  Suddenly she turned and her eyes met his.  Charles suddenly felt hot and he caught himself loosening his tie a bit. Now this was an unforeseen reaction.


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