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7 Things Men Can Do Right Now To Score BIG With Their Wives This Christmas

When the thought really does count!

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52 Weeks Of Gratitude … Why I Love the Holidays

15985554795_22ccaf868e_cMy actual subject was supposed to be my favorite holiday.  When I was a kid, that was easy.  Every kid loves Christmas, but, as I grow older, I have learned to appreciate them all.  Here is why…. Continue reading “52 Weeks Of Gratitude … Why I Love the Holidays”


Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

10_st_nicholas_day     Saint Nicholas was the actual inspiration for our modern day Santa Claus.  A historic fourth century Christian Saint and and bishop in what is now Turkey, he was known as  Nikolaos the Wonderworker, he was known for leaving secret gifts such as leaving coins in shoes left out for him.

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A Holiday Tradition: Cookie Baking



One tradition we have maintained since before my children were born was making Christmas Cookies the day before Thanksgiving.  My children usually have off school and so it becomes a fun day to spend together.   Continue reading “A Holiday Tradition: Cookie Baking”