Flashback Friday!!!! …. Aunt Lois’s Sugar Cookies

Flashback Friday memories!

A Tattoo On His Palm

AuntLoisRibbon     My Aunt Lois, Uncle Elmer and their family used to go up to the mountains with is when we were little.  Their boys would love my mom’s Krinkle Cookies and my sisters and I would go gaga over my aunt’s soft sugar cookies.  Let’s face it! We all knew the real reason why we all went to the mountains together! The food!  Unfortunately my Aunt Lois passed away mid-May 2008 from stomach cancer but she will always be in our hearts.  On our recent trip to the mountains, I was telling my daughter about how we once tried to talk my aunt into jumping off of Big Rock.  We coaxed and pleaded and begged as she stood tentatively on that rock peering at the cold water around us.  We almost had her talked into it when someone spotted the snake swimming around us in the water.  And that…

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Flashback Friday! Renovations

A Tattoo On His Palm

     After all we have been through it is hard to imagine going back home again…..and yet renovations on our house may be complete next week.  We have some things we want to do but we hope to be back home by the end of March.  The painting is about 90% completed.  The electrician needs to return to finish hooking up the electric and the water needs hooked up.  The contractor has a few things to complete.  It is just so hard to believe that so much good could come from so much devastation.  So many people have been involved with helping us get back home.  I often go in and just look around….and still can’t believe it.  We took our dog back to the house on Saturday and he was so excited to be back he did not want to leave.  

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Flashback Friday: To be or what can it be? That is the question.

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Image10aI discovered a small brown edible tidbit on my pantry shelf today. It was obvious one of the kids must have dropped it while scavenging for something to satisfy their hunger. I studied the item, turning and pivoting it between my forefinger and my thumb observing the bite size item’s object’s color, shading and texture carefully. Finally, unable to locate in my mind the exact source of the item, I tossed it into the trash can. It’s pretty bad when you can’t distinguish the difference between a piece of child’s cereal and cat food.

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