Comatose     She honestly did not remember the accident.  She remembered driving down Route 90 and waking up in a hospital…. if you could call it waking up. She wasn’t exactly awake but her senses were on alert.
She heard her husband, Gavin, talking.  He talked a lot.  She wondered how long she had been lying there because he did not sound the least upset.  He brought her children in on occasion and she heard them tell her they loved her.
Then one day she was overjoyed to hear her best friend’s voice.  Jacki had become close after they met on the playground pushing both of their firstborns on the swings.  They had each other’s family over for cook-outs and parties.  They were like sisters, so, when Jacki showed up in her hospital room, her heart soared.  Unfortunately, the higher you soar, the further you have to go plunging into the ground.

Comatose in her hospital bed, she could hear every word they said.  She wished she couldn’t.

Jacki started by saying quietly, “Hey, how are you?”
“Okay, I guess,” Gavin replied.
“I guess this throws a monkey wrench into our plans.”
“Monkey wrench,” Gavin exclaimed, “It throws a whole toolbox!     How am I supposed to tell Anne about us and ask for a divorce now?”
“Hey, we can just call it quits right now if you want.” Jacki offered.
“No,” Gavin quickly interjected, “You are the best thing that ever happened to me.  You make me feel so alive.  I mean, let’s face it.  That weekend in the Poconos was freaking awesome! You are so hot, Baby!”

It got quiet and then Anne could hear the kissing.  Long, sensual kissing.  A tear escaped her eye and cascaded down her cheek.  How could they?

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