10 Reasons Why I Love Autumn!

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Why Sunflowers Are More Than Just A Pretty Face


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52 Weeks Of Gratitude…. Favorite Leisure Activities



This week was more fun…. well, maybe for me.  My thirteen year old, who I volunteered to be a photographer, wasn’t overly thrilled about her new “opportunity”.    I am grateful for my favorite leisure activities. Continue reading “52 Weeks Of Gratitude…. Favorite Leisure Activities”



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Then bursting forth in glorious    Day, Up from the grave he rose      again!

     I had mentioned before that a favorite harbinger of spring was flowers in bloom.  For instance, viewing the forsythia bush, to the left,  in all of its glory, brings a significant feeling of joy.  I smile every time I see the yellow buds forming and bursting forth like rays of sunlight.  I love spring!  Its beauty counters the starkness of winter’s desolation. From the tiny crocus, to the sunny daffodils, to the exquisite tulips.  It’s not just the beauty but the representative of new life.

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