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5 Things You Can Do For A Friend Suffering From Depression

The last thing a person who is depressed wants to hear is advice or probing questions, but it’s hard to sit by when you know a friend is suffering. Continue reading “5 Things You Can Do For A Friend Suffering From Depression”


But we can still be friends!

2468506922_c1ed495959We all have that one friend who is constantly whining about his or her life’s troubles.  Or we may have someone who continually posts photos or language we would prefer not to view.  Our hand might meander over the Unfriend link as we carefully consider the worth of said friendship.  You don’t want to hurt their feelings but you just don’t want to see that stuff.  Well, never fear!  There is a solution! Continue reading “But we can still be friends!”


52 Weeks Of Gratitude: Someone I Got To Meet

This week’s topic for Gratitude is  Someone I Got To Meet.  Wow, I have never really met anyone famous.  I almost got to meet Lisa Kudrow and John Travolta when they filmed part of a movie at our town but I didn’t and I didn’t lose any sleep over that either.  I did however get to meet a few special Cyber Sisters: Donna, Ruth and Nancyjean.  I am so grateful for these sisters because they have been there for me through so much!



Continue reading “52 Weeks Of Gratitude: Someone I Got To Meet”