Good Dog!

Untitled designI am interrupting my blogging challenge to blog about a beloved member of our family who also has four legs, our dog, Coby.  I had blogged about him a few times including an 30 days Of Me post.  This is one of my favorite photos of him. Continue reading “Good Dog!”

Recipe Wednesday

Recipe Wednesday …. Aunt Lois’s Sugar Cookies

AuntLoisRibbon     My Aunt Lois, Uncle Elmer and their family used to go up to the mountains with is when we were little.  Their boys would love my mom’s Krinkle Cookies and my sisters and I would go gaga over my aunt’s soft sugar cookies.  Let’s face it! We all knew the real reason why we all went to the mountains together! The food!  Unfortunately my Aunt Lois passed away mid-May 2008 from stomach cancer but she will always be in our hearts.  On our recent trip to the mountains, I was telling my daughter about how we once tried to talk my aunt into jumping off of Big Rock.  We coaxed and pleaded and begged as she stood tentatively on that rock peering at the cold water around us.  We almost had her talked into it when someone spotted the snake swimming around us in the water.  And that was that….. Continue reading “Recipe Wednesday …. Aunt Lois’s Sugar Cookies”