The Pit

The Pit FB.png

How was I going to escape this pit?

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When Your Essence Of Chanel #5 Becomes Someone’s Headache


I was standing in church singing along with the worship team as other members of the congregation were filling in around me when a rather pungent odor hit my olfactory glands like a loaded freight train.  As the smell grew stronger I knew what I had to do.  Unfortunately it was already too late….. Continue reading

An Open Letter From the Introvert

Dear World,

You may not see me but I see you.  I am the wallflower at the edge of an event.  I am quiet, by nature.  I don’t have a lot to say.  To me, sometimes speaking is pointless…. and sometimes a real struggle to find something of value to say.  Sometimes it’s frustrating because I know you aren’t really listening to me,  but I want you to know something.

I see YOU.

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