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Blogging Through The Bible: Philippians 1


New Series! Blogging Through The Bible

I have decided to team up with several ladies to do Blogging Through The Bible Series. You can catch up on our posts weekly at The Speckled Goat .

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I’m Going To Be a Quinquagenarian

I'm Going To Be a QuinquagenarianFB

Next month I will realize a once in a lifetime achievement that most people experience and don’t even know it.  I will become a Quinquagenarian. Continue reading “I’m Going To Be a Quinquagenarian”


When Your Essence Of Chanel #5 Becomes Someone’s Headache


I was standing in church singing along with the worship team as other members of the congregation were filling in around me when a rather pungent odor hit my olfactory glands like a loaded freight train.  As the smell grew stronger I knew what I had to do.  Unfortunately it was already too late….. Continue reading “When Your Essence Of Chanel #5 Becomes Someone’s Headache”

Snapshots For The Thalassophile

Snapshots For The ThalassophileThalassophile? What in the world is that?!

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Guest Post: Melody and “Hoard Fest 2017”

Guest Post From Melody

I decided to do a guest post today of a Facebook post a friend had shared.  I love reading Melody’s posts because she is always so candid about life and most times there is a life lesson for me.

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Texas’s Recent Flooding Triggers Flashbacks From 2011 Tropical Storm Flooding In Our Area

TropStormLeeBanner (2)It was 2011 and we were just reeling from lighter flooding from Hurricane Irene.  The ground was saturated setting up a potential disaster. Continue reading “Texas’s Recent Flooding Triggers Flashbacks From 2011 Tropical Storm Flooding In Our Area”
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An Open Letter From the Introvert

Dear World,

You may not see me but I see you.  I am the wallflower at the edge of an event.  I am quiet, by nature.  I don’t have a lot to say.  To me, sometimes speaking is pointless…. and sometimes a real struggle to find something of value to say.  Sometimes it’s frustrating because I know you aren’t really listening to me,  but I want you to know something.

I see YOU.

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