52 Weeks Of Gratitude….. Our Armed Forces

This was to be my last week of my fifty two weeks of Gratitude.  Since this is Memorial Day, I decided to celebrate our armed forces.


To honor them, I wrote another song that I hope you enjoy. Continue reading “52 Weeks Of Gratitude….. Our Armed Forces”


52 Weeks Of Gratitude … My Grandparents


This week I decided to change things up and decide what to blog about instead of following the script and so I decided to blog about my grandparents.   Continue reading “52 Weeks Of Gratitude … My Grandparents”


52 Weeks Of Gratitude…. Favorite Leisure Activities



This week was more fun…. well, maybe for me.  My thirteen year old, who I volunteered to be a photographer, wasn’t overly thrilled about her new “opportunity”.    I am grateful for my favorite leisure activities. Continue reading “52 Weeks Of Gratitude…. Favorite Leisure Activities”


52 Weeks Of Gratitude … Why I Love the Holidays

15985554795_22ccaf868e_cMy actual subject was supposed to be my favorite holiday.  When I was a kid, that was easy.  Every kid loves Christmas, but, as I grow older, I have learned to appreciate them all.  Here is why…. Continue reading “52 Weeks Of Gratitude … Why I Love the Holidays”