52 Weeks Of Gratitude…..Music I Love

There is a radio inside my head that is constantly playing from the time I open my eyes in the morning to when I close them in the evening. But this radio station is like no other because it will play anything from country music to Christmas carols to that jingle I heard last night on the television


Awhile back, I had blogged that Music was my Spiritual Pathway.  I just love praise and worship music!  It’s just something about it.  It touches something deep inside of me.  There is just something about singing to the One who created me and died for me.


     When I had cancer certain songs resonated with me such as Bring The Rain by Mercy Me.  When we walked out of the doctor’s office after just learning I had Ovarian Cancer, that song started playing almost as soon as we turned on the car radio and I started to cry.

Other songs that meant a lot to me were How You Live by Point Of Grace and Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns.

My family LOVES it when I sing solo – So low they can’t hear me!


When they start complaining about my singing, there is only one thing to do!
Sing the following….

It’s hard to pick just one song that is my favorite.  I love a lot of music, including a lot of praise tunes.  Some songs have the ability to produce tears while others are just plain fun to sing.

     I get a lot of, “Did you make that up?”  NOPE!  Although the reason they ask is I am usually good at coming up with silly song lyrics on the fly….. like the song I totally made up for the sole purpose of embarrassing my teenage son.  ♪Me and my son!  Having so much fun! Me and my son-♫  That’s usually all the further I get to singing it before he’s moaning and groaning.


Music just plays an important part of my family life.  My mom’s family sang a lot together and my daughter is currently in college as a music major.  She wants to be a music therapist.

I think what I am most looking forward to in Heaven is the singing.  All those people singing praise and worship in all those languages to the One who created them.  No mics! No sound equipment or computer aided software.  Just singing hymns to Him!  How awesome is that?!

What song do you love? What is your favorite type of music?



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