For awhile our church was doing a sermon study on a book about Spiritual Pathways and immediately I knew what mine was: Music.  Nothing resonates with me better than music.  One at church is The Revelation Song.  I love, love, love that song!  It brings tears to my eyes.  Another song I love is also my favorite Christmas song.  It is called Christmas at Our House by Barbara Mandrell.  It reminds me so much of my childhood Christmases which once again brings me to tears.   I will post the lyrics to the right that I found on the internet.ChristmasAtOurHouse

     While my dad did not chop firewood, I remember Mom baking lots and lots of cookies in the kitchen. The entire table would be covered!  And, of course, my sisters and I would have to try them all.  We would have Chocolate Crinkles, Peanut Blossoms With Candy Kisses and even my Aunt Lois’s Sugar Cookies. I remember either my mom, grandma or both making sugar cookies with a raisin in the middle,  My grandma usually made her molasses cookies as well. When I was at my grandparents usually one or two of their family, friends or neighbors would stop by.

My sisters and I would go down to my grandma a few days early to help her clean and sometimes my aunt, uncle and cousins from Minnesota would join us.  One year my sisters, cousin, Andrea, and I slept in the basement.  My grandmother had all of her underwear hanging on a rack and we decided to hang it all over the basement… to dry, of course.  Boy, did my Grandma laugh when she saw it!

Another thing I loved doing was writing my grandparents mystery stories about them, us and various cousins.  I would usually come up with a few witty comments about their age. Wonder if that is where my son gets it!  LOL!  The family usually gathered around the organ to sing carols and gospel songs.

Now my husband and I try to have Christmas traditions with our kids.  I usually have the kids help me make tons of cookies the day before Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving we go and get our tree.

 The past few years my oldest has been singing in a Vespers service with her college choir and we have been going to see that.  We usually attend Christmas services at our church and, on Christmas Eve, after the children are nestled, all snug in their beds, “Santa” brings the presents….. although they are all old enough to know Santa isn’t real.

I just love that song because it brings back so many memories.  It means a lot to me!  And remembering brings the tears…. good tears, of course!  And that is how my pathway of music affects me.  It touches my soul.


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