Six Years Later

 images (1)Six years ago I finally got a doctor to listen to me.

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Soon Time For School!

7484803_orig   One of my jobs is working in a high school.  This week we had to go to prepare for school to start NEXT week.  I cannot believe school is already here.  This summer has simply flown by.  I am looking forward to autumn.  When I was a kid I loved summer.  As an adult I am growing to love spring and autumn more.  With my fibromyalgia, I cannot handle extreme cold or heat anymore. However this summer has been awesome.  It has been mild and I love it…. but I still love autumn. Continue reading “Soon Time For School!”


When It Rains, It Pours

9587420   It is so hard to believe we are almost into July already.  My summer seems so short but there are reasons for that.  First, because winter was so harsh in the northeast, our school days got pushed way into June.   The week after school was over, my daughter’s summer tutoring session started.  Last Sunday my daughter we to camp and you would think that I would have had time to get things done, but that was not to be.  Tuesday, right after finishing mulching my one flower bed, I had to run my husband to the Emergency room.  He was in the hospital until Thursday evening. Though they did nothing to check it out, they were fairly sure he had diverticulitis which he was supposed to have had surgery for over a year ago.  We are a little frustrated with that but it will be dealt with.
Meanwhile the reason for an earlier post? (Sucker punched) I had recently found out my father had renal cancer.  It was a surprise because all this time we all thought it was kidney stones.  He will be visiting with a doctor this week to discuss options but I pray for a good diagnosis as far as staging and prognosis.  I would appreciate your prayers!



We had the dog to the vet and he needs to go on a DIET. He needs to loe 20 pounds. Kids fel sorry for small amount he is allowed to have.
No sure if I should be worried or not. I am running a low grade fever. I guess I will keep an eye on it and hope it doesn’t go up. I don’t know at what point I should be worried and calling the doctor. Please pray.