What if Belle had Married Gaston?

What ifBellehad marriedGaston-ig    The old man was sitting limply at a table staring at nothing in particular.  A tall distinguished member of the National Gendarmerie entered from a door to the bar room.  Spotting the old man at the table, he quietly made his way to the other side of the table.  He reached out his hand in greeting, “Monsieur Moritz Vital, I am Inspector Boule.  I understand you have a confession to make.”

     The old man raised his head to look at the inspector.  He said nothing for several moments.  Sighing he finally spoke, “I might.” Continue reading

Writing Wednesday….. The Voices In The Room


Damien Michaels shifted his backpack as he surveyed the room.  “So why are you leaving your last dorm room?” asked the boy behind him.
Damien turned back to Jake Masters, “Roommate issues.”
“Well, good news, ” Jake smiled.  “Every room in this suite is a single!”
Damien grinned, nodding, “I’ll take it!”
“Great!” Jake held out a key!  “I hope you like it here.  We’re a relatively quiet bunch but the walls are pretty sound-proof anyway.  I hope you can stay.  You’re like the fourth person who has this room since the beginning of the semester.”
“But it’s only been like five weeks.” Damien was confused.
“Yeah! Go figure!  Well, enjoy!  If you need help moving your stuff, give us a holler,” And with that Jake disappeared down the hallway.  Damien felt like he was a little eager to leave but he turned back to the room to take a better look.”

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