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30 Days Of Me Blogging Challenge ….. 5 Reasons Why I Need My Phone


My phone is very important to me. Although I hate talking on it, I would be lost without it and here are five reasons why.


     My phone is what keeps me organized…. and sane.  One of the ways it helps me to stay organized is through my calendar.  My Calendar is synced with my husband’s phone and my computer so that all of my events can be seen and planned around.   With a busy family it is easy to see who needs to be where and when they need to be there and to expand upon that organization, I have assigned every family member a color so it is easier to read at a glance. And, unlike a pocket calendar, there is room for many events on each day.  With my memory, this is essential!

Another useful feature is my Contacts.  Between my husband and I our contact list is filled to the brim.  It is handy for adding a colleague’s number on the run or filing an address to a party your child is invited to.   Sometimes I can even click on it and it will show me how to get there.  My contact list can be utilized with my phone, texting or email as well.



A useful app I started using a lot is a Notebook.  The one I use is Microsoft OneNote and I love it!  You can divide it into sections and use it for anything from notes for a book to a quote you want to remember. I also use it for a Bible Study or personal research.   I also love it because, with my fibro, my handwriting is getting a lot worse and I can either type in information or use voice-2-text from my phone.

The Camera is a practical tool as well.  It can be useful as “evidence” for a vehicle accident or any other issue.  I also find it handy when I am going through magazines in a waiting area.  No more scurrying to scribble a recipe before your name gets called.  Just whip out the camera and take a pic to scrutinize later.    I also often use it to snap photos of our kids or our pets.

Lastly, I have my Music downloaded onto my Phone.  It is handy to keep my Hope Renewed Playlist so that when the blues strike I can blast Mandisa’s “Overcomer” or “Stronger”.




What is a reason you love your phone?  

Is there anything else you may not be able to live without?




1 thought on “30 Days Of Me Blogging Challenge ….. 5 Reasons Why I Need My Phone”

  1. I love the calendar and alarm apps. I don’t get many messages so I don’t care much for that side of it though. I guess I couldn’t live without my camera.


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