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Visiting The US Capitol, Washington D.C.


     This weekend our family took a short trip to Washington D.C.  It was a weekend full of new experiences, a few frustrations and a lot of fun.

We got into DC later than planned and, until we got checked into our hotel, it was lunch time till we actually ventured out.

      Maneuvering around Washington was not a fun experience.  If you look at a map, it is full of streets that go every direction and a lot of traffic circles….. something we ain’t used to in this Lancaster County farming area.  It was very easy to get turned in the wrong direction….. which we did at one point!  The layout was so confusing I can understand why our local government officials easily become confused.  LOL!     WashingtonDC

And the spider web-effect is a little scary….. almost like it’s meant to trap some unsuspecting person!

So, whydoes Trump get to be a bird-

To get across town we took our first ride ever on a subway, The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority or Metro.  It actually impressed me enough to google how subways are built because it’s not like they ruined buildings to dig down.

IMG_0178 (2)

The first place we stopped was the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History.  I think I enjoyed the animal exhibits the most.

Now, frankly, I was hoping to stay till after dark to watch the museum come to life, but unfortunately we were on a time crunch.

Next we flew across the Mall to visit the National Air and Space Museum.

From the flight of the Wright Brothers to the future of space travel, this museum was filled with artifacts from airplane flights and explorations into the unknown.

     With the heat of the day and the hot cobblestone concrete, it was very easy to tire quickly, especially since we had awoken so early for the trip.  Because of our late start, we decided to split up.

     My son, Tyler, wanted to see the International Spy Museum and my husband wished to see the monuments and memorials so Tyler and I walked six blocks north to the spy museum.  (Now this is when my camera started acting weird so I had to borrow some images from Google and Wikipedia.)  I thought the museum was cool.  You are to assume a new name at the beginning and then you get tested on it at the end to see if you seem suspicious.  Neither of us passed, of course but I believe I got further on it than Tyler.  LOL.

Meanwhile, Norm, Nicole and Lexi headed west to the Memorials.

The girls got to soak their feet in the cool of the pool and they said it felt wonderful.

We all reconnected just south of the White House….. hot and exhausted.

Time to head back to the Metro Station!

DSCF5017 (2)

The next morning we packed up and checked out early and headed for the Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute.  We thought if we got there at opening, it wouldn’t be full.  Well, it wasn’t but most animals were not out yet either.  (Note to self:  Next time visit at 10:00 AM!)  We each had animals we hoped to see but as the heat once again set back in, and we had limited time, we got to the point the only thing we wanted to see was a drink machine! (Note to self:  the stands do not open till at least 10:00 either!) 

We took a lot more photos but it was hard to take through glass.

And now, for your reading enjoyment, I found this poster in the zoo restroom and thought the information was too scentsational not to share..


As we were getting ready to vacate the park, we discovered two wild, uncaged fawns.  Unfortunately the one got itself in a predicament on a roof and the zookeepers were called to rescue it.  The other fawn got like 5-10 feet from us as it ran by trying to get to where it thought it was safe near its sibling.

All too soon it was time to return home.

IMG_0466 (2)

The trip home was bittersweet as we knew we would not be greeted by our beloved puppy who usually was quite excited to see us.

The rats were all too happy to see us, but the cat?


Have you taken any vacations or do you plan to take any?

The photos were taken by my oldest daughter and I as we both love taking photos and my camera was not working part of the time.


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