Good Dog!

Untitled designI am interrupting my blogging challenge to blog about a beloved member of our family who also has four legs, our dog, Coby.  I had blogged about him a few times including an 30 days Of Me post.  This is one of my favorite photos of him.

TylerCoby     When my son, Tyler, was in kindergarten, he wanted a dog.  In fact he filled his kindergarten journals about how much he wanted one and how he would care for one.  The summer after kindergarten we got a call from Norm’s uncle Mark who wished to sell us a chocolate lab pup at a reduced price allowing us to make payments on him.  Tyler had his pup by first grade.




    He might have been Tyler’s dog, but he loved each and every family member and looked at me like I was his momma.  He was a great playmate to everyone including Lexi, who was still at home and Baby Eric, whom we babysat.



I will never forget the night he and I were still up after the kids went to bed.  Suddenly he saw danger and put himself between himself and I., growling menacingly.  When I tried to get up, he pushed me back down.  It was all I could do to contain my laughter as he protected me from my reflection in the television, but I was also proud because he proved to be a good guard dog that night, loyal and true.




When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, Coby was my constant companion.

He got along great with our other pets no matter how much they may have tormented him.  He was protective of them, even the rats.

Coby loved to be outside, especially when we were roasting hot dogs!

Coby even had a few girlfriends…..


His favorite place was by the front door.CobyLookingOutDoor

You could always count on him being around when there was food involved!

And he had the talent of being able to stuff his mouth with toys.  Bet you can’t do that!
In fact whenever he saw the camera, he ran for his toys!

He loved his grandmas and grandpa and the feeling was mutual.

When he passed on Saturday, July 15, 2007, just shy of his 12th birthday, he took a huge piece of our hearts with him.

We love you, Coby!  Know that you always were and always will be a ….

Good Dog!


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