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30 Days Of Me ….. My Favorite Superhero

Back to the challenge!

30 Days Of Me

I’ve never really been the cartoony/super hero type.  Yes, I’ve watched Superman ….. and Batman {POW!} but they never held my fascination.  Now my son loves all the Marvel Comics and my fourteen year old daughter just stopped by and looked at my photo above, “You have a favorite superhero???? Do you even know who they are?!!!” Of course I do!  In fact, I often get confused for one….

Dear Husband, Expecting me to do everything in one day is unrealistic. I am simply NOT Wonder Woman!

I have come to conclusion that you can not put real people on a super Bill_cosby_1969hero pedestal.  Case-In-Point: Bill Cosby.  At one point he was considered a great humanitarian and a wonderful model of a good father.  It was many a night that we would sit and watch the Cosby Show.  Every child wanted a dad like Cliff Huxtable.  He was just so cool!  He was real.  He was at the very pinnacle of success….


Unfortunately, the higher the peak, the farther the fall.

Great news!  I know a real hero!  You probably know where I am going with this, but humor me for awhile.

     I know someone who was born to a dirt-poor family and grew up learning to do what some people would call menial labor.  But this man grew up to become a super wise speaker and a compassionate healer.  He could call people out with just one word.

Some people loved him while others hated him.  And one day he took the blackness of people’s sins upon himself by becoming the great sacrificial lamb.  His name is Jesus. And one day he is coming back to take us with him.

I remember as a child seeing various photos of him either at my grandparents or someone else’s house.




I think the photo of him that I can most resonate with is this one.

JESUS realThis photo was painted by a little girl named   Akiana Kramarik.  Akiane (ah-key-ana) was born in Chicago in 1994 to atheist parents – she is home schooled and the 3rd of five children. Spiritual matters were not discussed in their home. Akiane’s family was shocked when she began describing her visions of God, Jesus, Angels and Heaven at age 4. Soon Akiane‘s sketches filled the house. By age 6 she was painting in acrylics, then oils. At age 7, she suddenly began writing extraordinary poetry. Akiane’s first masterpiece, Jesus “Prince of Peace” was completed at age 8 and gained global attention when Akiane was a featured guest on Oprah, as well as other media outlets.  You can buy her artwork by clicking on the painting or her name! (text credited  https://art-soulworks.com/)

But the most extraordinary part of this story was yet to come!

Colton Burpo  was almost four years old when he had a near death experience during an emergency appendectomy.  During that time he visited heaven and the stories he told of his visit were uncannily accurate to the Bible’s version.  When the family tried to find out what Jesus looked like, they showed him picture after picture to which he shook his head “No.”  Then, one day, he saw the painting by Akiane featured on television and declared that was the real face of Jesus.  It may seem unbelievable to others but I feel the story is true.

One of my favorite paintings is this one.  It depicts his compassion and love for children.


So, that is my super hero….. he can be your super hero, too!  All you have to do is invite Him into your life!

Who is your superhero and why?


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