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30 Days Of Me…. Eight Places I Have Visited


Today’s challenge post was a place I have visited.  It’s hard to chose just one, so I won’t.  

I have been to several beautiful places and, while I do not have a photo for every place, I can share some of the places I have been to.  I have never been off the America’s continent so these won’t be anyplace exotic.  The fartherest I have been was southern California but that was before I had a camera and so no personal photos.  Most of what I have photos from are from around Pennsylvania.

One place my family visits often is Hershey Chocolate World.  Main reason?  It’s cheap entertainment…. so inexpensive, it’s free!  Anyone ever notice that Families and Free both start with the letter “F”?  Just thought I would point that out!  They do change the look on a regular basis but another reason my family loves it?  You get free chocolate at the end of the ride.  Take multiple rides and I am sure any of the employees can direct you to the nearest pharmacy to get some Dulcolax.  They are THAT accommodating!


Aside from the zoo, there is the amusement park, the zoo and the Giant Center, home to The Hershey Bears but also will entertain with shows and concerts.  I want to add this disclaimer.  It is not called the Giant Center because there are giants meandering about but maybe if you look in New York…….

Another place we love to visit is Muddy Run Recreational Facility.  It’s a beautiful place to spend the day with your family!

MuddyRunSQUARE (1).png

An interesting place of historical significance is the Bethlehem Steel Stacks.  There are many placards around explaining how it was utilized a lot many years ago and bits of historical references.

Bethlehem Steel Stacks PIN

A favorite place our family loves to spend the week at is in Lycoming County.  We used to be able to do it annually but flooding in 2011 and then 2016 has made it extremely difficult to travel to.  The residents there have had to deal with washed out bridges and roads which can be expensive to repair.

Lycoming County.png

Because my daughter had attended a college in Bethlehem, we got there a lot.  One of the beautiful places to visit there is the historic district.


My son requested this trip once even though I got to see it twice.  The first time I was there was only for a small amount of time and I had to idea the enormity of this iconic place in American history.  Valley Forge is located right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Mt. Hope Estate and Winery is approximately ten miles north of the city of Lancaster and every year for approximately ten to twelve weeks they host the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair where you will travel back to a time of kings and queens, knights and nobles.Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair

Friends of ours own a house in Lancaster Valley, Pennsylvania, which, fyi, is NOT in Lancaster County!  It is a beautiful, slower paced area in central Pennsylvania.

Adventures In Lancaster ValleyIG.png

For many more places to visit, check out my post 40 Inexpensive Places To Visit In South Central Pennsylvania.

40 Inexpensive Places To Visit In South Central Pennsylvania

51FKmnrXE7L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Also, in an attempt to give promotion to a local author, I would like to showcase The Lancaster County Pennsylvania Bucket List by native, Angela R. Ruhl. The Lancaster County Pennsylvania Bucket List Book offers you 100 ways to experience Lancaster County with family and friends. Memorable fun ranges from Historic sites to a seventh inning stretch at our local baseball stadium.  This book is for sale through Amazon.com for $13.95.  Angela offers many interesting tidbits about each site she personally visited.  She delivers up-close-and-personal experience with each and every one.


How about you?  Have you ever visited Pennsylvania?  If so,where?  What types of locations do you enjoy visiting?


2 thoughts on “30 Days Of Me…. Eight Places I Have Visited”

  1. We often think that far off exotic places are where to go when one travels. But lately we’ve been wondering about what we can see, hear and smell locally to. And it was such a lovely surprise to know there are lots! Just as you have found.


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