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30 Days Of Me …. 15 Fun Facts!

Due to personal issues, I have neglected my writing, so I decided to try and kick-start it by doing a Writing Challenge.  This one is more personal about me and they say write what you know, so hey! I found this through Pinterest at  http://livingoffloveandcoffee.com.  I will also post the challenge on the Sidebar.

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So here is the challenge!


So my first task this first day of July is to provide a photo.

I could not find a good one I would have taken with my camera so I used this one I took with my phone.  There I am with Jules and Garcia and yes, they are rats.  It’s a tad blurry but it is very hard to photograph a rat.  They are the epitome of perpetual motion.



Just the facts, ma’m!

And now to provide the facts…..




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  1.  I am an 8 ½ years Ovarian Cancer Survivor.  I had a germ cell tumor and it took a long time to convince the family practitioners there was anything wrong.
  2. I have three children: Nicole(23), Tyler(18) and Lexi(14).   Nicole recently graduated from Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor in Music.  Tyler just finished high school and Lancaster Career and Technical School  studying Computer Systems Technology.  He plans to further his education next year at another tech school studying Computer & Network Systems Administration.  Lexi is starting high school and plans to concentrate on art.  My children are far apart in ages due to infertility issues.
    IMG_0043 (2)
  3. When Lexi was three months old I discovered I was pregnant but it turned out to be a tubal pregnancy and I lost the baby.  We buried our baby in a cemetery paid for by a group called SHARE.  Even though Lexi was only a baby, it still hurt to lose this baby and, to my surprise, my biggest support came from my Mother-in-law.
  4. I have been married for twenty-six years to my husband, Norm.
  5. Umbria_Plantation_-_Architectural_plan_of_main_floorI wanted to become an architect when I was in school.  Unfortunately back then in our culture, the woman’ps education was not as important as a man’s so that dream died.  In hindsight, I wish I had pursued it anyway.  I loved drawing houses and had a little experience in high school.
  6. Later my dream was to become a published author but support has been minimal.  Writing used to be my outlet, but various setbacks including depression, fibromyalgia and lack of support has derailed that outlet.  I am fighting back to get back to what I once was.  This blog post is part of that fight.
  7. IMG_20170627_053422528I currently work in a nursing home as a server.  Overall, I love the job and interacting with the residents.  Making a difference to them makes a difference to me.  I once had a resident tell me he is glad I was working there because I make it fun.  Talk about that warm fuzzy feeling!
  8.  giphyNext year I will be turning the big 5-0!

    I am already anticipating a long, adventuresome relationship with AARP …….  I haven’t quite figured out if the idea of being old enough for that organization is depressing or beneficial to my pocketbook.
    village people

  9. I think humor is important to keeping one insane.  Take a look at this list I compiled when I chemotherapy made me lose my hair.  The first one actually happened and inspired the list.
  10.   My favorite place is a cabin at the mountains.  Unfortunately recent flooding there ruining the roads has prevented us from traveling there. It is just so relaxing to sit on the porch and listen to the rain or enjoy the beauty.
  11. Looking west.I was once homeless! That’s right, in 2011 flooding forced us to flee our home and stay away for six months while repairs were done to the house.  The flooding had collapsed a basement wall into our home.  A perk?  We got to make improvements!
  12.  downloadCurrently there is one dog, one cat, nine rats, one hamster and a goldfish named Jake…. but that is another blog-post!
  13. images
    13. My worst habit?  I chew my nails.  I know, I know!  It’s horrible.


  14. My favorite color is teal.  I always loved the color but it became more important to me when I realized that teal is the color for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.
  15. SiblingsRockettePoseI am nineteen years older than my brother….. who was a menopause baby.    I have two sisters between he and I.  Deb was born two years after me and Glenda was born three and a half years after me.So there it is…..
    everything you may or may not have wanted to know.
    Thanks for reading!



1 thought on “30 Days Of Me …. 15 Fun Facts!”

  1. I always enjoy your writings and your humor. Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder where did that come from. Keep posting. I miss it when I don’t see a comment on facebook from you.


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