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7 Things Men Can Do Right Now To Score BIG With Their Wives This Christmas

When the thought really does count!

Seriously men, have you ever given your wife a gift that she looked less than thrilled with?  Something you never seen her use or wear after Christmas?  In fact you may not have ever seen it again?

Would you like to see her face light up this Christmas?


Christmas gift giving is not really about the gift for the woman.  It’s more about how much you know her.  How much she holds your heart.  How you are able to give her something a true soulmate can give her.

It’s not about the size OR the price tag!

Do you know her enough to know if she would appreciate some expensive jewelry or that limited edition copy of poems from a favorite poet?  This isn’t a gift giving time for the careless shopper.

This a test to see how well you know and adore what she loves and adores!

Here are seven hints to help you through the season……

manshopping1. It’s the thought that counts….. and thought often depends on timing.  To your wife, if you shop earlier that means you put some thought into it.  Shopping last minute on Christmas Eve just because you think you can get the best deals just doesn’t cut it.  It shows you care more about your wallet than her.  Real thought takes real planning and real planning takes serious time.




2. No vacuum! … Or anything else for the house!  In fact, unless she absolutely adores baking, I would steer clear of that Mixmaster. Vacuum?  Only if you plan to sleep in the doghouse for the next six months.   (If you plan to do that, you may want to get yourself a warm sleeping bag.  Just  sayin’!) Give from the heart. What would she like?  What is she interested in?


fatherdaughter3. Take a female along who knows her well. This could be an older daughter, sister or best friend. Let’s face it, they probably know her better than you do and often a woman is more likely to share her heart’s desire with another woman.  And do not forget!    Actually listen to and follow their advice! A bestie could help you find that item online and your daughter would probably enjoy the “Daddy-daughter” date. And that girl or woman will tell you what color your wife would rather have or would look better in.


4. Don’t make a huge deal out of it. The gift is about her, not you.  It’s isn’t a surprise nor is it fun if you hint you got a surprise!  Buy the gift and keep a low profile.  It will make the surprise and joy so much sweeter. Concentrate on spending time making memories with her.


image425. Pay attention to her throughout the year. If you see her looking at something or make a comment how she would like something, write it down…..what it was and where you saw it. Put it on your phone somewhere.  Knowing you were paying attention and remembered will mean a lot!




receipt-1274307_6406. Keep the receipt. Especially if it a clothing item.  That way if you buy it too small or, heaven forbid, way too big, she can return it.

7. No lingerie.  I repeat!  No lingerie!!!! That is a gift for you, not her!  It shows that only your needs are important and that you care more about yourself.

X (1).png

Ask yourself these questions when thinking about buying your wife a gift.

What is her favorite …..
music group or music

If you follow these guidelines, you will less likely be needing that sleeping bag for the doghouse.


Show your wife how much you really love her!  Show her you know her heart!



1 thought on “7 Things Men Can Do Right Now To Score BIG With Their Wives This Christmas”

  1. Mel and Suan have been exchanging cards with each other for the last 20+ years! One for Valentines, one for birthday and another for our anniversary. Its not the gift that counts but the thoughts penned in the cards that matters!

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