Adventures in Lancaster Valley

He grew angrier and angrier as he realized his territory was being invaded and he could do nothing about it.

Last Thursday our family packed up our car and traveled two and a half hours north to Lancaster Valley almost right in the middle of Pennsylvania.

Img_7802a Img_7808a

We finally arrived at our destination ….. a relaxing cabin in the heart of Lancaster Valley.


The first evening we spent watching a movie….. but we also noticed hummingbirds flocking to the snowball bush next to the cabin.


The area flora was beautiful!

Img_7848a Img_7846a

That evening we played several games.  It was a fun night with lots of playful competitiveness.

Img_7854a Img_7855a

The next morning I was up early and had a chance to see the sunrise.



My parents pulled in around 9 AM scaring up a flock of turkeys and two deer.

Img_7872a Img_7870a Img_7873a Img_7874a

We soon engaged them in a game of Triominos.

Img_7877a Img_7878a Img_7882a Img_7884a

After playing a few games of that, we headed down the road to a local park.

Img_7908a Img_7909a Img_7906a

Img_7911a Img_7912a Img_7917a Img_7920a

Tyler wanted a knife and fork to eat his grapes.

Img_7924a Img_7927a Img_7928a Img_7929a Img_7932a

My mom, my daughter and I headed for the creek for creek stomping while my son and my dad went for a short hike.

Img_7944a Img_7950a Img_7960a Img_7962a

Img_7974a Img_7975a Img_7977a

There is more than one way to transport mattresses!


Some area scenery…..
Img_7987a Img_7988a

Goofing around back at the cabin

Img_8007a Img_8010a

My parents left the next morning and I started taking photos of the hummingbird.


Suddenly two deer darted across the ferns behind the hummer.

Img_8021aI saw the one pause behind a bush and I went to another window but they were gone.

I turned around noticed I was being watched through the paned window.


I laughed as I realized the hummer was there looking for me…. trying to figure out where I had disappeared to.

Img_8031a Img_8036a

To the hummer’s horror, he discovered a visitor to his banquet.

Img_8057a Img_8072a

To make matters worse, the butterfly was joined by a bee.

He grew angrier and angrier as he realized his territory was being invaded and he could do nothing about it.

He tried pecking at the intruders but backed off when he realized attacking the bee could be deadly.


We decided to pack a picnic for a road-trip to Poe Valley.

Img_8121a Img_8122a Img_8125a Img_8133a

Poe Valley was beautiful! Img_8138a Img_8143a Img_8144a Img_8137a

We grilled a few doggies and then Lexi and I headed for the beach for a dip in the cool, refreshing water while Tyler scouted around for a trail.

Img_8153a Img_8156a Img_8157a

Then the kids and I walked around the lake to the dam at the end.

Img_8162a Img_8164a Img_8165a Img_8166a Img_8167a Img_8168a

We swung around behind Norm where the kids tried to sneak up on him.


As we left the park, Lexi spotted the Pennsylvania State Bird, the grouse.


Some more of the area sights….

Img_8175a Img_8176a Img_8183a

Local Amish-MennonitesImg_8190a

Last night in the cabin


The next morning was overcast and it wasn’t long until the rains arrived. It was still raining when we left the valley for home.

Img_8195a Img_8196a Img_8179a Img_8178a

Coby was so happy to see us!

I tried to get him to sit with me for a photo.

Img_8197a Img_8199a

As you can see, that didn’t go very well, but I didn’t care.  I was happy to see him, too!


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