How is Getting Older Like a Roll Of Toilet Paper?

When I was a kid it always seemed like forever till vacation. Now it seems like my twenty-three year old was just born yesterday….. Thinking about that begs an answer to the question in my header,

“How is getting older like a roll of toilet paper?”

The closer you get to the end the faster it goes!

     I was taking my neighbor home from church today.  He has been having health issues, is using a walker and is currently not allowed to drive.  He was lamenting about the “curse” of getting older.  I laughed and told him about a client I once had that would warn me about getting older.  He wanted me to avoid it at all costs.


When I was younger I never understood how time moved slow when the adults say it went fast.  Then, as I matured, I noticed that time seemed to be speeding up and I pondered over this phenomenon.


It was when I hit my 40’s that I was hit with an epiphany.


There are several passages in the Bible that were so hard to understand the meaning.

I never understood why Jesus chastised Martha for not being more like Mary until I grew older.

I never understood why the writer of Ecclesiastes kept saying that everything was meaningless until I went through my depression.

And I never understand 2 Peter 3:8 until I went through the aging process.
“But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

Now mind you, I will have people tell me that in no uncertain terms that I am not old which I guess I am not…
unless you are five….. than I am an antique!


Please don’t ask me what that is!


Okay, that is an old phone and, incidentally, it was before MY time!

But back to the subject at hand…..

How was a thousand years the same as one day?LongTP gjfdjty

chocolate-1185815_1920Let’s say you are six and are sitting with your grandfather waiting for grandma to serve that yummy looking chocolate cake with rich fudge frosting that she just baked.  She tells you that it will be ready in five minutes.  To you, that feels like an eternity and grass was growing faster than that cake was coming.  But to grandpa, it  may seem like a lot less time…. unless he was really REALLY hungry!  But it’s all in how you interpret the passage of time…. and maybe if you are anxiously waiting for something as well.

Believe it or not, when you get to heaven, time will be the last thing on your mind!  It won’t be important.  One year and one thousand years will all seem like the same and it won’t matter!  Why?  Because you will be busy – worshiping the King!

And that is a thousand years I won’t mind spending!


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