When Lower Back Pain Threatens To Sideline You


The pain starts off in your lower back…. suddenly it’s shooting down your leg in painful agony.  Sciatica strikes again!

I have had this same painful bursts from my lower back all the way down my leg into my foot and it is not pleasant!  It is extremely uncomfortable and hard to get through your day especially if you have to work!


It is usually recommended that you see a licensed physician but if that is not an option, I have a few tips and exercises for you to try.

  1.  When you have to lift, tighten your abdominal muscles while lifting.  This helps to brace your back.AbdomMuscles
  2. When lifting or carrying things, hold them against your body and not way out in front of you.  This helps to balance and distribute better.
    Don't carry cargo away from your body
  3.   Make stretching exercises part of your daily routine.
  4. When picking something up bend your legs instead of your back.

    Do this…..

    Not this!

Bending using your knees instead of bending your back causes less stress on your spine and muscles.

5.  When you are lying in bed, it would be more comfortable to place a pillow under your legs.


Here are some exercises I do when I start to feel the pain in my back.

Stand against a wall and slide down the wall to a squatting position and hold to the count of five.  Use the wall to slide back up and repeat.

Wall squat

Leg lifts are a great way to strengthen your lower back and toughen those stomach muscles.  To add an extra challenge, don’t allow your legs to touch the ground.


Another exercise I often do is lie on my back and lift my buttocks into the air.


While you are on your back, pull your legs up and hold to the count of five. Release and repeat.


Then do a variation of that by extending your legs while lifting your head and shoulders off the ground.


Roll on your stomach and raise opposite arms and legs.


Most times when my back and legs starts hurting and I start doing these exercises the pain will subside.

Sciatica is not a fun place to be in and often requires a muscle relaxer or heavy pain killer.  Consulting your doctor is always the best idea!

Happy stretching!

giphy (1)


1 thought on “When Lower Back Pain Threatens To Sideline You”

  1. Great post, I’ve been suffering back pain recently and need to work on my core – doc’s advice is to avoid sit-ups because they do more harm than good if not done properly!


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