The One Thing Every Woman Needs In Her Pantry


My mother had one of these and I made sure to get my own as well!

There is nothing more frustrating than when the vacuum belt comes off and the closest screwdriver is out in your husband’s shop….. somewhere….

I was cleaning yesterday when the door to my bathroom cupboard came off.  I knew it had been loose  and I had been meaning to fix it.  I am the type of woman that refuses to wait for a man to come home from work, tired, to fix a minor thing.  I immediately headed for my kitchen and pulled out my bag of tricks, aka toolbox.  In no time I had it fixed.

pDGC1-19848496enh500Anyone can start a toolbox and most of it came from the Dollar Store.  You don’t have to have an actual toolbox.  I keep mine in a plastic container that closes tightly and has a handle.  The Dollar Store has them for a couple of bucks and I managed to find one with green locks and handle to match my kitchen.  It’s a nice sturdy box that looks like it belongs in a kitchen or pantry and it is large enough to hold the basic essentials in tools.


.Once I had that I was able to start collecting tools which I started one tool at a time.  Every time I would go to the Dollar store or even the grocery store I would pick up a tool for my box.

tool-145375_1280 (1)

There are several basic tools or items you should probably collect for this box.

  • a hammer
  • a needle nose pliers
  • a multi-function pliers
  • a flat screwdriver
  • a Phillips screwdriver
  • a small set of precision screwdrivers
  • a small adjustable wrench
  • an Allen wrench/ hex key
  • a small tape measure
  • a scissors
  • a small hacksaw
  • a screw starter
  • a retractable razor blade or Exacto Knife
  • small plastic containers with lids to hold extra screws and nail
  • Extra screws and nails (finishing nails often come in handy)
  • a flashlight
  • WD40
  • duct tape
  • electric tape
  • wire ties
  • a permanent marker
  • pen or sharpened pencil

Those are just a few of the things you can find at your local Dollar store or even supermarket.


What’s funny is that, while my husband was, at first, opposed to it, he now will often reach for it as did my dad to my mom’s tools.


The best thing?  Not only will this held foster some independence and self respect but it will send a message to your children that Mommy can fix things, too!


Your kids will think this is cool!

One final note?  This would make a great bridal shower or housewarming gift!


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