As I Start A new Chapter….


Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy

It was with deep regret that I had to something I did not see myself doing.  I quit my part-time job I loved for a full-time job.  Unfortunately it became necessary.  But in my wake I leave behind dear friends I have grown to really care about.

Change.  I hate it!


“The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected. Maybe they always have been and will be. Maybe we’ve lived a thousand lives before this one and in each of them we’ve found each other. And maybe each time, we’ve been forced apart for the same reasons. That means that this goodbye is both a goodbye for the past ten thousand years and a prelude to what will come.”
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook


Anyway, without further ado, I would like to thank each and every woman and man I came in contact with and worked closely beside……


Dave:  Wow, you were a hard nut to crack but I persevered. LOL!  I remember when you first came and someone addressed you by your first name.  You almost had a heart attack.. Yes, you did!  But as you started to work among us, you realized the family unit that existed in our kitchen.  Now come on, you had to know our pack accepted you long before we got you that notepad for your shower!  P.S. Notice the sign on the water cooler above!


Vicky:  Good luck on your retirement.  I know you will have loads of fun with your grandkids!  I loved working beneath you!  You are a wonderful supervisor and I will miss your quiet ways.  You had a lot on your plate.  Make sure you teach those grandchildren proper English!  They ain’t gonna like it but you will probably get further with them then us!


Jamie: I didn’t get to know you as long but I discovered you were a fun person to know and you willingly pitched in WHERE EVER needed!  Even the dish-room!  Bailey is lucky to have you for a mom!


Sue:  I got one word for you….. no, actually two…… The first one is RELAX!  Don’t put off retirement because you are afraid you can’t.  The second word is SMILE.  And to help you, whenever you take a pan to the dish-room at last minute, think of me and smile!  And don’t, under any circumstances, plan another trip to Alaska! 😉

images (1)

Karen:  Back in your little corner of the room!  Loved scooping with you!  And sharing stories about your dear mother-in-law!  I will miss you!


Connie:  I’m going to miss you a lot!  You were the only one there who called me by my nickname and it was so much fun house scouting with you!  I hope to see you at church! Would love to go on more adventures!


Angie: Do you know what I appreciate about you?  How much you care for these high school kids!  Especially the underdog.  You have persevered so much!  I really also admire the bucket list you are fulfilling.  You actually inspired me!  May every day be a Marine Day!


Tina: I also have not had much time to get to know you either but you totally seem like so much fun!  Keep that Brandy in line!  I know that can be difficult but you can do it!


Terri:  My sweet friend who always demonstrates compassion for others.  I have known you the longest and I will miss you a lot!  It was always nice traying up with you and having our talks.  I will miss sharing chocolates with my Lucy!


Denise:  Will miss you, Michaeline!  Oh, wow, did I spell that right?  You are the reason I started preferring less sweet stuff and I loved your up-frontness.  You were like a breath of fresh air who got sent into the giggles by the mention of another type of not so fresh air.  Surf’s up dudette!


Tabitha:  The other girls don’t always get a chance to see this but I do on Facebook.  You are one cool mom!  When I first met you, I loved your charisma.  You did not back down from a challenge and you proved you were one girl who could run with the big boys…. not only run, but beat them!  You were so much NOT like me but I absolutely loved it!  You were a lot of fun to work with!  And you had a lot more patience with Amber than I did!


CindyG: I really appreciated the card you gave me during my convalescence.  Going to miss your caring!  You were the one who inspired the song I wrote called “I Cried”.


Deb:I guess your house is pretty empty.  Hugs.  I loved working in the dish-room with you!  I hope you have as much fun saying “NO” to Tracee as you did to me.  LOL!


Tracee:  Now you be careful!  Back injuries are not fun!  Keep that Deb in line and don’t let her tell you NO.  Going to miss you!  Always had fun with you!  Don’t let Dave order too much supplies.  To make the freezer look fuller, stack empty boxes in there!

primary-clipart-gTeozn8RcJanene:  Loved working with you!  You just made me laugh by looking at me…. cross-eyed.  LOL.  I hope to see you around school with Emma.


Lisa:  I know I don’t have to tell you this but enjoy that grand-baby of yours!


Julie:  I haven’t seen you much lately but I liked working with you as well.  Keep that son in line!  🙂

images (1)

Kim:  The one nice thing about those bomb threats was getting to see you!  We need to make an album together.  We could be the first musicians who do Stand Up Comedy While Singing.


Jane:  I loved working with you when you were there.  I hope your leg is doing better.  We always had a blast in the dish-room…. especially over Christmas!  I really missed you but I knew how much pain you were in toward the end of your last year.  From dancing to Mele Kalikimaka to Bob walking in on us with our hands in the ice water.  It was great!


Don:  You always reminded me of a teddy bear and also a little brother.  I adore the way you and Stacey love each other so much.  That kind of love is precious!  Miss seeing you!


Diane: You are an inspiration to me how you work through the pain of MS.  I loved getting to know you!


Sonda:  It was fun working with you as well.  I was glad I got to see you more this past year.


Betty:  You were fun to work with too!  I hope to see you again soon!


CindyC:  It was fun working the Baron line for that year.  I am glad you found a job you enjoy!


Cammie: I didn’t really get a chance to know you but I loved how you jumped in with both feet to help when we were going through all that stuff with Doe Run.  Have fun with these girls!  They are a great bunch!


Kathie:  Got two words for you!  SALAD BAR!  Now pardon me while I go dish the Rogaine! 😉

images (1)

Bob:  You  are by far the coolest teacher on the planet!


Kailey: We all missed you when you left.  I hope you are loving your new job!


Yvonne and Vicki:  Will miss seeing you guys but will see you around on Facebook and, hopefully, around town!


And remember, my friends! The new people are NEW. Extend some grace because they may not have experienced things as you have. What is perfectly obvious to you won’t be to them. Grace!

Going to miss you all!

P.s.  Tabitha, don’t forget the temp sheet in the dish-room! :p



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