Spend a Relaxing Day at Muddy Run Park!

MuddyRunBlogPost (1)

Muddy Run is located in Southern Lancaster County and is a relaxing way to spend a day or even a week in a peaceful natural panorama.

This is one of our family’s favorite places to spend the day.

It is a great place to take the kids.Img_0145

In addition to several playground areas there is also a visitor’s center with interesting things to see, do and touch.

Children will also enjoy hiking along the many scenic trails with their family.

For the more adventuresome, there is a variety of boats and kayaks to rent for an hour or an entire day for anything from exercise, sight-seeing or fishing.

The beauty of this expansive man-made lake is amazing!

And both land and water are abundant with wildlife.  We often see deer while picnicking .

Many family picnics were spent in this clean, beautiful park!

There are grills scattered throughout the park.  All you need is the charcoal!

If you wish to stay more than one day, there is an campground on site to use both campers and tents.

Muddy run is located in southern Lancaster County on Route 372 west near the Buck.

Happen to be in the area?  Well, pack up a picnic lunch and head over to the park!



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