She’s Come A Long Way! My Daughter’s Triumph Over Dyslexia.

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When my daughter, Lexi was younger she HATED READING and was STRUGGLING with school.  Let me share where we got HELP for FREE that enabled her to OVERCOME her LEARNING DISABILITY.

When Lexi was younger she struggled with learning letters and sounds.  I knew immediately what was wrong because her father and his family also struggled with it, but getting teachers to admit a problem was a struggle.  They kept telling me that everything was fine.  Everything was “normal” but I knew better because I had two older children who did not struggle with these things and did well.


She would come home from school and the last thing she felt like doing was more schoolwork.

Her attention span, or lack thereof, would drive me crazy and I was constantly redirecting her back to her homework.


Finally, near the beginning of second grade, her teacher called me one evening and told me how she felt Lexi was struggling.  I was elated that FINALLY someone saw this.


That was when I discovered that the reason the teacher knew Lexi had dyslexia was because the teacher had it herself.  She helped Alexis get into a center that offered FREE help for children with dyslexia.

The center is run by a civic group called the Masons and they have sites with free tutoring all over the country.


I kept her in the program for the maximum amount of time: three years.  She graduated from the program last year along with four other students.


It was during her last year of the tutoring that I notice her enjoy reading.  She would be quicker to pick up a book whereas before she would ignore books.

This year we were invited to her awards ceremony at her school where, not only did she walk away with the math award, but she also won one for music and one for getting mostly A’s and B’s during the school year.


We are so proud of her for her determination, perseverance and victory over something others in her family have struggled with.  I am so grateful to the center for offering this course.


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