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Serenade The Son Sunday … When I Remember The Sparrow

RememberSparrowGoogleThis week I am going to highlight an older song that was one of my Mom’s favorites.



He sees the sparrow fall to the ground,
And His eyes grow misty as He reaches down.
Gently He lifts it from somewhere below,
He touches and heals it,
And then lets it go.



How much more does my Father on high
Care when I’m burdened, care when I cry?

Matt6 25 27

Sometimes I forget that He knows my sorrow,
But then I rejoice when I remember the sparrow.

Matt 6 8

Why should I covet Earth’s treasures today?
In the space of a heartbeat, they all pass away.

Matthew6 19
Why should I carry this burden of doubt?
I’ll give it to Jesus and He’ll work it out.

Matthew 11 29 30

Father, Thank you for being there for me through the tough times, for sheltering me and healing me.
אלוהים דואג


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