Home Alone: The Mom Edition

HighFive     My thirteen year old reminded me that tonight she was sleeping over at a friend’s house.  Then I remembered that my son had to work.  I started walking out of the room pretending to cry, “I’ll be all by myself tonight….. Sniff sniff”  But when I was out of sight, “YES!” I high five myself!




     I had dropped her off at her friend’s house and mentally planned my evening. Hey, I could go visit my friend in the hospital after dropping my son off at work.  Yeah, I think I’ll do just that! ….  and I can do it because I don’t have no kids to drag along and hear complain they are bored!

 I.Am.A.Free.Woman!  WOOHOO!


     My sister used to own a Jack Russell Terrier they named Bungee.  Why?  He jumped up and down and up and down like a bungee cord.  It was hysterical to watch!

     I get to the hospital and stop at the front desk and ask for the woman.  “I’m sorry, but that patient has been released.   She left at 4:30.”  It was 5:10.


But that was okay. I can go do something  else…..   I don’t have anyone to answer to.

I am a free woman.  Woohoo!


     Wow, today would be a good day to go an take pictures around the city!  Yeah, that would be a great idea.  And I could do it!  I am a free woman.  I could paint the town red if I wanted to……. except, I’m just not feeling it today…..


     But that’s okay!  I’m hungry anyway!  But what am I hungry for?  Subway?  No, had a sub for lunch.  McD’s?  Not that desperate…… Burger King?  Oh, the closest one burned down a few months ago.  Okay, where are other ones?  Well, that one I would have to go out of my way a little and the traffic is pretty heavy.    The other one…. well, that’s in the mall and do I really feel like parking & walking a mile to get my food? Decisions!  Decisions!


Okay, well, I will go for the first one.  The burger was delicious….the fries – weren’t.  Oh well, it’s not like I have to eat them.  My mom is nowhere around!  Wait!  I’m the mom!

 And I’m free to do what I want tonight!  woo-hoo!


Driving home….. hey, I could go shopping.  I’m by myself!  I have no kids to bug me to buy them stuff!  But I don’t really feel like going to the mall and there is that minor detail called Money…. or lack thereof.


     However I spot the reusit shop when I am almost home.  Haven’t been there for awhile.  I’ll just drop in.  It’s not like anyone will care!  Only there is nothing there that interests me enough…. that I can afford to buy.


But hey!  Here is a pair of shoes….in MY size!  I didn’t know they sold boat-sized women’s shoes.  Cool!  Can”t pass this up!  I can never find decent shoes in my size.


I drive home.  Wow, those weeds need pulled and that flower garden needs widened.  But nope!  I am just not feeling like it.  I’ll go inside and update my blog that I had been neglecting lately due to illness and injury.  Okay, what to write?  What to write? ………… humming Jeopardy tune….

I’m so bored, my cat is yawning!


I’ll go and get something to eat.  Nobody’s around to catch me…

except nothing appeals to me…….15078058419_947bb05051_b

Bubbleshooter?  Ho-hum!

Spider Solitaire?  Nope!

What is the matter with me?!!!  I’m at home – alone- without any kids!  woo. hoo.

I know!  I’ll write a blog post about being a mom who finally gets the night alone and she celebrates but ends up being bored out of her gourd!

A blog post about nothing!

Hey, it worked for Seinfeld!


And you sat here reading this entire blog post about nothing and lived to tell about it!



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