When Your Toddler Keeps You On Your Toes

Child_Art_Aged_4.5_Person_2When my son, Tyler, was around three or four we discovered drawings on the bathroom wall.  Because it was obviously from his age group, I questioned him to which he vehemently denied over and over.  Finally I said, “Alright!  I guess I am going to have to take away someone’s crayons for awhile!” to which he quickly corrected, “It was done with markers.”


 MissLexi    My youngest daughter, Lexi, was a wonderful baby!  She was happy and content ….. until she hit age 2½ to age three when she magically morphed from this sweet baby to a little imp.  She wasn’t bad – more curious and extremely mischievous. As I would be cleaning up after one mess, she would be getting into trouble elsewhere.  My other two children understood, “No….Pretty!”  Lexi took it to mean “Pretty fun to play with.” She found everything too irresistible not to touch.  My most quoted citation for that period of time? “This, too, shall pass!”


Harriet     I would often share Lexi’s antics with my online friends on a Christian Woman’s forum and my friend, Nancyjean, once sent Lexi a book called, “Harriet You’ll Drive Me Wild” by Mem Fox.  It is an adorable book about a little girl constantly getting into trouble. She was accompanied by a dog through most of her antics.  When I read it, I changed Harriet’s name to Lexi.  Up until she could read, she actually thought the book was about her and our dog, Coby.  The book ends with a lesson in grace and forgiveness.

 ShavingCreamPlay   Some kids just need to be kept busy.  Lexi wasn’t content to just sit and look at books.  She wanted to be doing things.  A friend told me once that she let the children she babysat play with shaving cream.  She would squirt it on her kitchen table and let them squish, push and make shapes.  The best part was it was very easy to clean. You could add to the fun by adding food coloring to make colors.


10432680_220bbdea6fAnother fun thing for budding artists is to actually give them a wall to color. You can buy chalkboard paint in a hardware store and paint a wall or even an entire room with it.   A coworker did that and she said her kids often used it for homework.  Often when she came home she could tell when a friend had been over because they wrote their name. (Kyle was here!)




LexiCorn2At our town fair every year they have an area for children and in that area is a large platform loaded with corn kernels. Kids can use tractors and all types of wagons or even skid loaders to push or drive through.  My kids could spend hours there!  You can do the same thing at home with a large plastic tub.



BoxHouseOne time I had my daughter’s friend and they were getting bored.  I don’t remember why but I happened to have a large box which you can get for free at almost any large appliance store.  I cut holes for doors and windows and had an instant playhouse.  The girls loved it!


gardenSpring time is a great time to grow a small garden with your children.  Have them each plant some seeds and give them a small watering can and a shovel.  If anything, they will get a kick out of being allowed to play in the dirt.

puppetsGet together some paper bags, scissors, glue, construction paper, crayons and any other craft supply and have them create puppets.  The creation itself will take a good deal of time but have them complete it with a puppet show.


 Pinterest is full of all kinds of great ideas to keep your busy kids busy from other blogging moms (and dads).

          When I brought the story up to my son about him writing on the bathroom wall, he had no memory of it which did not surprise me.  I am glad I wrote things like that down in his baby book!


4 thoughts on “When Your Toddler Keeps You On Your Toes”

  1. What fun ideas here for children to do and the book sounds incredible! I understand what you are going through. My six year old is writing his name everywhere and we had to talk with him. It will be something fond to laugh about in the future. Thanks for sharing your post with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂


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