52 Weeks Of Gratitude….. My Pets

A topic I am passionate about!  I am ever so grateful for my pets!Bannera

     We have had Coby for almost eleven years.  He is Tyler’s dog but definitely a momma’s boy!  He holds a special place in my heart(which he knows, of course!)  When I was going through cancer, he was often by my side – my constant companion and source of comfort.

     Coby has been diagnosed with cancer which makes me really sad.  We are torn between the euthanizing a sick dog who is the last member of his family who all succumbed to cancer or keeping alive the dog who still acts very much like a puppy…. especially when Grandma comes for a visit.  My daughter game him that bone this past Christmas and we could not believe how long it lasted.  He was so proud of that thing!

“Dogs are the leaders of the planet.If you see two life forms,
one of them’s making a poop,the other one’s carrying it for him,
who would you assume is in charge?”
― Jerry Seinfeld

NoSignLife     Tyson runs the household.  Or at least he thinks he does!  All of our previous cats were female and he obviously is quite different from them.  He is extremely vocal, especially at mealtime and he actively personifies the term passive aggressive.  My husband has a green lounge chair in our living room….. or, at least, it used to be his.  It is a constant battle between fireman and feline as to who has rights to said chair.  And if you kick him off, he will jump on the back, pretend to gaze out the window while continuing to flick whoever is on the chair in the face with his tail just to prove his point.  He does have a heart.  Recently we spent almost $200 to find out he was depressed because he had lost his rat friend, Bentley, a week earlier.  Yes, I said a rat!  He and Bentley were quite close and would often take naps together on my son’s bed.


“Women and cats will do as they please,
and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”
— Robert A. Heinlein

Chester and Cyrus1     Do you know how many times I have had people come up to me and say, “You must be a good mother because I could never let my son get a rat!  No, I am not Mother Of The Year but if my children would nominate me, my name is spelled D-E-N-I-S-E.  My son had gotten two rats a few years ago named Bear and Bentley and then got his second pair, Chester and Cyrus after Bear passed from a respiratory infection.  They provided great company for Bentley until he passed a few months later.

     Funny thing is rats are just like children.  They each have their own personalities and I love watching them hold things in their little paws which are more like hands than feet.  They would sit there looking at the treat given and then start chewing away at it bit by bit turning it as they nibble away.  They looked absolutely adorable in the Christmas hats Tyler bought them this year.

“I don’t like rats any more than the next bloke, but they ain’t wicked and cruel
like people can be. They’re just ratty in their habits.” ”
― Philip Pullman, I Was a Rat!

GerbilsAnd now for the ladies!  Oreo and Peanut are our adorable pair of gerbils.  I don’t have many photos because they are very hard to get a decent photo of.  Rats are too but gerbils are a lot worse!  They just won’t sit still.  We can let our rats have the run of the bed, table or sofa but the gerbils would jump off.  We have used the green ball for Peanut but Oreo doesn’t seem to like it.

The reason it’s called “Grape Nuts” is that it contains “dextrose,”
which is also sometimes called “grape sugar,” and also because “Grape Nuts” is catchier,
in terms of marketing, than “A Cross Between Gerbil Food and Gravel,” which is what it tastes like. 
― Dave Barry

goldfishFinally, is our goldfish named Jake.  This is not Jake to the left but Jake refused to be photographed, so this is his stunt double.  I think it might be his Amish roots but-.  LOL.
Jake was won from a teacher giving them away.  He has lived in the same tiny fishbowl.  We hardly clean it.  He’s often forgotten to be fed and yet he lives on.  Go figure!

I have as much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl.
― Princess Margaret

     I have always loved animals and so having this little zoo was no problem.  They bring much joy to the children, my husband and I.  They provide comfort during sickness and just something big and soft stuffed animals.

And they are constant sources of entertainment and laughter!


Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us,
and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.

It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into

our lives and even how much closer we become

with each other because of them.

― John Grogan, Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World’s Worst Dog


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