Common Core Math. Most parents hate it. Why I have grown to appreciate it.


   I admit it!  I hate common core math!  To me it IS a common chore, but having a child with a learning disability made me change my tune.

In fact, when my daughter brings me a problem do be done via common core, this is my reaction.


     I had always prided myself in being good at math.  In fact when numbers needed to be added at work, I could do it so quickly in my head, my coworkers would beseech, “How did you do that so fast?”  But Common Core!  That is a horse of a different color!


My daughter would bring me a math problem and I would say, “Oh yeah! Just do this” and she would say, “No!  We have to do it this way!”  “What?! But that is so much more complicated!” (insert whine…..)


There were several times when I add to add a note to her homework…


“You gotta face the clouds to find the silver lining!”
By Kutless, What Faith Can Do

But there is that one however!  Since my dyslexic daughter has started learning math using Common Chore Core, her math grade has gone up to an A+.


You see, even if my learning style is one way, my daughter benefits from math being done through common core…..

The thing that frustrates me and millions of other parents on a daily basis all over the USA makes perfect sense to her.

So I check out my trusty old friend, Google, for some help and she came up with these learning tools.

So now I am armed and ready to be my daughter’s super hero!


Yes, I am ready for anything that comes my way whether it be rain or sleet or snow or black of night.  Nothing’s gonna’ stop me now!

I am READY for that next challenge!



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