52 Weeks Of Gratitude…. My Heritage


     When I was a teenager, I got asked too many times to count, “Are you Amish?”













Me also1234 Classmates would ask me if I was Mennonite.  In truth, I was neither but I don’t blame them for not knowing.  There are so many variations of all of the Anabaptist breed that it is hard to know!    Actually I was a “card carrying” member of a more conservative Church of the Brethren.  We had to wear our hair up under a head covering and we had to wear skirts or dresses.  Nowadays I live in jeans and my hair is curly and cut short.


It could be scary to be different.  I started wearing my hair up under a covering when I was in 6th grade and I was the only girl who looked like that at my public school.  There was another girl there named Grace who was quite the bully.  She often picked on other kids and  teased them.  Everyone was afraid of her.  One day she was sitting on the steps watching me.  After awhile she motioned me over which I did, shaking like a leaf.  She asked me about my covering and why I put my hair like that and I told her about our beliefs.  She listened politely and, when i was finished, she told me that she remembered when her mother used to wear one as well.  Boy, was I ever surprised!  After that, she was quite nice to me and we developed a form of a friendship.

I am thankful for my heritage and how I was raised.  The Pennsylvania Dutch can make some awesome food, especially desserts.  Ever taste our whoopie pies?  Yum!  My mother’s family grew up in the heart of Amish country and her family was friends with many of their Amish neighbors.  The Pennsylvania Dutch is known for their hard work and sense of community.  We recently had a tornado in our county that flattened an Amish schoolhouse.  Within 24 hours that schoolhouse was almost built again.

My in-laws attend a Mennonite church but it’s a less conservative one than most.

So I have a question for you.  Which are the Mennonites below and which are the Church Of The Brethren?

If you guessed the Mennonites on the left, you are correct!

Do you have any “plain” people living in your area?



One thought on “52 Weeks Of Gratitude…. My Heritage

  1. Takes courage to leave and change to meet your needs. I admire the Amish very much. Hope all these years has been good to you.


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