But we can still be friends!

2468506922_c1ed495959We all have that one friend who is constantly whining about his or her life’s troubles.  Or we may have someone who continually posts photos or language we would prefer not to view.  Our hand might meander over the Unfriend link as we carefully consider the worth of said friendship.  You don’t want to hurt their feelings but you just don’t want to see that stuff.  Well, never fear!  There is a solution!

     I think this problems happens to everyone at least once if not a dozen times and before I knew this trick, I had deleted a person or two.  Hey, I even deleted a cousin once for the vulgar language he used!

    Unlike Facebook, you can’t just unlike someone and push them out of your life.  You can’t say, “I just don’t want to listen to your constant whining” or “Your language is offensive.  Please leave!”  No, that would be rude and will hurt their feelings.

     I have a friend from school who lives far away and likes to call me several times per year.  The problem is, she calls and expects me, the introverted socially awkward person, to lead the conversation.   It frustrates me to no end!  That is why I am thankful for Caller ID.  It essentially shows who is calling so that if I don’t have the time to engage in trying to come up with conversation starters, I can ignore the call.

Well, Facebook has their own version of Caller ID.  There is no need to unfriend anyone, even Betsy Bovine who constantly has a beef about something!


If you come across that post from your coworker with complaining again for the fifth time that week how life was so unfair because now their landlord is actually making them pay their rent or a photo from an old classmate  with a stripper photo from their fiftieth birthday party the language from a neighbor is enough to make a nun blush, there is an answer besides unfriending them.  You can choose not to view their posts without hurting their feelings by unfriending them.


As you scroll down and find that person posting something you would rather not view, click on the arrow on the top right corner of the post.  When you do, you will see a drop-down message that will give you three viable options.


  • The first option is to simply hide the post.  If you click on that, you will probably get another window asking you why you don’t want to see it where you could quickly click on an answer or simply ignore it.
  • The second option is to unfollow the person.  This is not that same as unfriending them but you won’t see any more posts from them.
  • The third option that you may or may not see is to hide a link to a photo, post or website that you don’t wish to view.

All our simple ways to hide those annoying posts that will not hurt even dear old Aunt Martha who would give you the shirt off her back but also has the mouth of a sailor.

Yes, you can still be Facebook friends!  Something to certainly cheer about!


So have you ever wanted to delete a friend or had to hide their posts?  What was it you didn’t want to see?


10 thoughts on “But we can still be friends!

  1. I just started using this for those whining people or some posts that I wonder why would anyone in the world post that picture.


  2. I have so many people blocked. It is hard to maintain a positive outlook when all you read is negativity. With all the political things going around I have hid posts from a few more people. I sometimes un-hide once their drama dies down. 🙂


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