I Delivered A Financial State Of Our Union Address

Recently I ran the figures on our current debt and presented it to my husband.  personal-791344_640

But first I had to pull his hands off of his eyes….

     Okay, I am just kidding about that part but it was an eye opener.


     CNBC recently reported on a survey performed by Suntrust Bank where 35% of the people in a relationship surveyed said that money was the primary cause of friction. Financial Adviser Dave Ramsey reported that money was the number one cause of divorce in our society.  Dr. Phil says, ” It’s this simple: Money can ruin your marriage.”  He went on to say that people often underestimate the commitment in merging two lives together. Most marriages are a union of two very different types of money views.  Often one is the spender and one is a saver.  The spender tends to bury his or her head in the sand when it comes to finances.


     We had recently made the decision to enroll in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  In order to relay the austerity of the situation, I decided that a bit of visual aid was in order so I pulled out my trusty Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and proceeded to make a tabulation of our fiscal station.  (How’s that for a tongue twister?)  It looked similar to this:


When I told my husband I created one he asked, “Do I want to see this?”


I knew it was the only way to fully appreciate the gravity in order to initiate active participation in the class we were engaging in.


Visual aids can be a very useful tool and I know I get the most out of a sermon or even a meeting or a work in-service with visual aids or object lessons.


The diagram proved to be a very useful tool to get my point across and my husband seemed more serious about taking the class and learning all we could about finances and debt.

If you have significant debt or just need a helping hand to point the right direction, this is the class to take.

Meanwhile my husband I and came out of this meeting a little more the wiser.

We ended the meeting with a firm handshake!personal-791345_640

LOL.  Okay, maybe we didn’t go that far but we were on the same page.

What types of things do you need to address in your marriage and what could you do to aid in showing a need?


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