Wednesday Writing Prompt…..A Wedding On Pearly Drive


My son told me I couldn’t wear blue to his wedding.  I don’t see why I couldn’t.  That was certainly how I felt!


     When my son brought that girl around, I thought Avery was kidding.  She was wearing faded blue jeans and her hair was braided like she was some kind of farming girl.  Avery is my only child. He has always been such a good boy and always did exactly what I wanted him to…. until she arrived.  I had previously picked out a lovely girl named Hillary Duncannon for him to wed and I thought the marriage was set until I returned from my trip in Paris to discover this girl in the kitchen with the staff making Avery an omelet.  When he announced his intentions to marry her, I immediately protested.  

     When he announced the planned wedding was to take place outside, I was distraught!  I had so envisioned a big church wedding in our family church.  A big beautiful wedding where I was dressed in the latest fashion, preferably a dark shade of lavender or perhaps periwinkle.   Then I found out that not even was the wedding outside, but it was to be held in her country bumpkin farm in the hicks… on July Fourth, of all days!  They insisted I wear a long red dress and her mother would wear a matching blue one.  Long sleeves!  Who wears long sleeves in July?!

     When I got to her farm, I was glad I couldn’t invite my friends.  They had forty white folding chairs set up.  How tacky!  And people were allowed to sit where-ever they wanted! Her mother didn’t seem like she had a clue about anything that was going on.  I tried to talk to her but she gave me a blank stare. The four hours I spent there seemed like a lifetime and I was so glad to be able to leave once they cut the cake and the crowd dispersed especially when I saw the old jalopy they had picked to drive away in.  Why didn’t they use Avery’s jag?  By then I had a humongous headache and had my driver darken the windows as we drove away.  It was most likely from smelling that horrible farm! 

     And the worst part?  The ring bearer was totally irresponsible.  He should not have been assigned such a task.  He lost my great great great grandmother’s wedding ring!  I don’t care if he was her boy.  He should have been with his father!  He was totally unmanageable!

This was the worst day of my life.  And to think they are moving there!
I am definitely redoing my will tomorrow! 



bride-1082241_640     This was the best day of my life!  When I waited on his table that day and accidently dumped red wine on that snobby Hillary, I never dreamed that he and I would end up married.  After losing my husband in that drunk driving accident leaving me with a baby boy to raise, I always assumed I would forever be alone.   It was shortly after that my father died from a fast moving cancer leaving me to care for my mother who was just diagnosed with dementia.  I moved Alex and I back to their farm and my son seemed to hit it off instantly with my mother.  Even though he rarely spoke, she seemed to understand his autistic mind.  They were like two peas in a pod and I felt little concern when I had to leave them together to waitress.  They fed the horses together and spent a great deal of time working side-by-side in the garden.  I loved watching them just being together!

     I could tell as soon as I met Avery’s mother that I wasn’t good enough for her son. When Avery and I dropped in to announce our engagement, she was literally bristling.  Avery is so not like her!  When he saw how attached Alex and my mom were to my farm, he decided we would live there and he started the task of renovating our run-down farmhouse. We also chose the farm to have our wedding among my mother’s flowers because we could tell her confusion was worsening.  Besides, her garden was absolutely beautiful!

    Our wedding was so awesome with the exception of Avery’s mother pouting on the front seat.  Mom and Alex walked down the aisle together.  There was that moment where Alex dropped the rings but he quickly got down on his hands and knees and found it.  I guess I will have to use a stain remover on his pants but it didn’t look too bad.

     Saying “I Do!” to Avery was such a mind blowing moment.  I never hoped to be loved again and here it was.  Both mom and I started to cry as I recited my vows which made Avery cry.  

     Poor Alex didn’t understand why we were all crying so we had to stop and explain it to him.  Then he looked up at Avery and uttered, “I, Alex, take you to be my daddy…. for always!”  

     Avery gazed down upon Alex and then squatted facing him, tears cascading down his face, “And I take you, Alex, to be my son for always!” Avery wrapped his arms around Alex and gave him a bear hug.


     When mommy brought Av’ry home, I wasn’t sure if I would like him so I hit behind gramma but mommy seemed to really like him and when Av’ry started to play horsie with me in the kitchen, I really liked him, too.  

     Mommy and gramma started talking about a wedding and they were so excited.  Mommy told me that it was when we would have a big party and Av’ry would become my daddy.  I was excited because I really liked Av’ry.  


On the day of the party mommy made me wear this thing she called a suit and tie.  I felt like she was choking me and then I began to wonder what this party really was.

Gramma and I walked down the middle of the seats together.  I love gramma!  She’s my bestest friend!  When we got to the front I saw a monarch butterfly on gramma’s flowers and I tried to point it out to gramma but she was watching mommy and Av’ry.  I watched the butterfly fly from flower to flower so that when mommy softly called my name I was so scared I jumped and dropped the ring.  I heard a horrible noise coming from Av’ry’s momma and so I quickly got down and looked till I found the ring.  When I gave the rings to mommy, she smiled and I smiled back.

     After awhile mommy and Av’ry started talking to each other and mommy and gramma started crying.  Then Av’ry started crying too and I was scared.  I didn’t understand what made them so sad so I pulled on mommy’s white dress and pointed to her tears.  Mommy hugged me and told me these were special tears because they were tears from being really really happy.  She said she just told Av’ry she would be his wife and he said he would be her husband.  I looked up at Av’ry and said, “I, Alex, take you to be my daddy…. for always!”  Mommy gasped and started crying harder and Av’ry got down on his knees.  He was crying really hard, but I heard him say, “And I take you, Alex, to be my son for always!” and he gave me a great big bear hug! And I hugged my daddy back.


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