52 Weeks Of Gratitude… My Home

     We have been through a lot in our home, good and bad.  I hope to share a little of each with you.

     We moved to where we are in 2003.  My youngest was only seven months old.  It was our first “real” home.  My children started a new school.  We got a dog after my son filled his kindergarten journals about dogs.
 image2    In 2008 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer .  I had a total hysterectomy followed by three months of chemo.


Norm also had issues with diverticulitis that he ended up in the hospital for several times.




In 2009 we experienced a bad flood from Tropical Storm Lee that destroyed our house, collapsing our basement wall.

     After six months we were able to return to our newly renovated home.

Through all the tough times, I would have to say I love my home.

It’s small but cozy and I like it’s location where I can do anything

from animal watching

duck watching


bird watching

flower watching

people watching


and even rat watching!


Or hamster watching!


It’s a good place to snuggle with your kids

take a snooze

read a good book


or just relax in the back yard


Bottom line, I wouldn’t trade living here!

What do you appreciate about your home?


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